Guide to Purchasing a Ladies Watch

When it comes to buying watches, men buy more than women. You will find that nearly every advertisement focuses on men’s watches. In the past, most women watches were downsized versions of men’s watches with a few semi-precious stones or diamonds thrown to make the look feminine.

Fortunately, the industry has evolved, even though slowly. Nowadays, women are more discerning about the watches they purchase. You can now find a lot of women watch collectors. That has been attributed to increased numbers of women designers. This resulted in intuitive designs that produce watches that women want. These are some factors to consider when choosing women watches.

Designer or Classic Brand?

women's watchWhen purchasing women watches, there are some fundamental truths that ought to be remembered. For instance, getting a popular watch brand is not everything. In fact, some high-end luxury watches may not match your taste. Also, not all designers are bad watches. You can find high-quality, well-made watches. You need to be careful with the type of fashion that a woman buys.


Choosing the right style or case for women watches is quite important. Usually, the classic shape is round, but some women want something bold. The truth is that rectangular watches are quite chic, curvy, and extraordinary shapes. Different watch types can vary from daily wear and casual to functional sports timepieces. The casual watches are medium-sized to the large dials that are quite easy to read.

Size of Wrist

Before buying a watch, you should read about size suggestions. Usually, women’s wrists range from 4 to 8 inches in circumference. Also, they have diameters that vary from anywhere from 20 to 33 mm depending on the style and manufacturer.


When buying any watch, you have to decide whether to go quartz or mechanical. Mechanical movement involves careful engineering. However, watches can lose time and may not be precise as a quartz watch. The quartz technology is an innovation that changed the watchmaking industry. You should note that quartz watches are practical, reliable, require less maintenance, and cost less. Most women like mechanical watches because of their appeal to craftsmanship and tradition.


The appearance of a woman’s watch is quite critical. You have to check the materials used to make the watch. Gold watches are highly in demand, and their use is quite common in watches for women. You can find yellow gold, pink gold, rose gold, platinum, and pink gold.

Dangelo Blackburn

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